Group Members

Current group members are engaged in a range of projects covering the involvement of biological timing systems in various aspects of human health and disease.

Dr Tim Hearn

Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator Tim Hearn is an early career researcher who is an expert in both the genetics and physiology of circadian clocks. Tim Hearn is a comparative biologist, having studied circadian mechanism in humans, zebrafish and plants. He is recognised as an international authority on regulation of circadian clocks (Hearn and Webb 2020).

Tim is an award nominated educator in the Department of Medical Genetics, taking a leading role in the Cambridge Genomic Medicine Programme (CGMP). His teaching involves bioinformatics and statistics, and organises the 100,000 genomes training for the department.

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Basimah Malik

Genetics Society Summer Student

I’m a summer student and have been awarded the Genetics Society Summer Studentship to work with Dr Tim Hearn where I have been using 100,000 Genome Project data to find variants in circadian genes that are associated Inherited Arrhythmia Syndromes, including Long QT syndrome. I’ve completed my BA from the University of Cambridge, where in my third year I majored in Genetics and also studied a Biochemistry minor about cell cycles and cancer. I have a particular interest in cancer and completed my dissertation on the disparities of cancer incidence between South Asian ethnic groups in the UK compared to Asia. In October I start my MPhil in Genomic Medicine at Cambridge, after which I hope to apply my knowledge about genetics into a clinical setting.

Aris Saoulidis

MSt student

Aris is currently an MSt student on the Cambridge Genomic Medicine Programme with a particular interest in Chrono-PGx.

Former group members:

Lydia Seed

MPhil Student

We welcome Lydia Seed who is an MPhil student in Genomic Medicine. Lydia will be studying variants in genes with circadian and diurnal expression associated with cardiac arrhythmias.

Marina Lirintzi

MPhil student

Marina Lirintzi is currently an MPhil student in Genomic Medicine in the Department of Medical Genetics. Prior to that she completed her BSc with Honours in Biomedical Science at the University of Sussex. In her final year she explored the role of PARP1 in DNA Repair and Cell Death under the supervision of Dr. Keith Caldecott. Her strong interest in chrono pharmacogenomics and cancer genomics, led her to pursue a research project in the role of circadian clock regulation in cancer under the supervision of Dr. Timothy Hearn. Her career objective is to apply her educational and research experience in genomics, epigenomics, pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine to improve health and treatment outcomes for

Eszter Szepesvary

MSt Student

Eszter is a consultant paediatric cardiologist with expertise in cardiac arrhythmia’s. She has completed a project on the 100,000 genomes data.

Georgia Yiasoumi

Summer student

The comparative chronomics group welcomes Georgia Yiasoumi as a summer student. Georgia is working on UBR4, the vertebrate homologue of the Arabidopsis clock regulator BIG.

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